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Crystal Facial

I just had the Phia crystal facial and it was the most AMAZING facial.  My skin was absolutely glowing and I was seeing all sorts of beautiful colors during the crystal massage.


Thank you again for educating me on energy medicine. Your presentation and products are so fascinating and exciting. I have been using the Imagination body/hair serum everyday and I am loving the serenity and soft skin that it promotes.

I am still so floored about your research and application

Happiness Experiments

“What an interesting concept – personalize product recommendations based upon an individual Energy Profile.  While many spa products may feel and smell nice, Phia does something out of the ordinary for me – using the Energy Mist and Hair & Body Serum made me happy. I smiled, had good memories of tropical islands with family and was put in a good mood. What’s going on over there at Phia Lab – happiness experiments?”

Get Your Happy On

I was suffering from depression and lack of direction.  I had a Phia treatment and started using Phia products and really started to feel better.  Now two year later I am much happier and look way more healthy.

Amazing Quantum Oil

I just really had to say how amazing this quantum body oil is. Nothing else compares. It actually helps me with anxiety when nothing else does. I’ve tried other body oils, and while they are nice and good quality, nothing compares to the healing effect of this oil. It is very nurturing and my skin …

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LOVE This Serum

LOVE this serum for my hair! Great for taming those little fly aways or keeping my hair under control when traveling to humid climates. I’ve also turned my mom and sisters who live in Louisiana on to this product. They use it daily!