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New Website “Open House”

Phia’s family of products have moved into a new on-line home!  Here’s how it all went down. 

Remodel or wrecking ball?

It was time.  The line had expanded from five products in three Energy Waves to 15 products and six Energy Waves.  Growing from the buzz of the Phia community, the flow of the Phia story had landed on a new rhythm. Some spaces were too big and distracting while others were too small and hard to find.  While gold never gets old, certain aspects of the décor were showing age. And, the 6 Serums were growing up, gaining in popularity and pushing for their own private space.

We consulted a few experts including on-line marketers, website designers and freelance developers to assess the costs and benefits of remodeling vs rebuilding.  Add some rooms, knock down a few walls, re-arrange the furniture, and upgrade the art collection … easy peasy! Fortunately for us, no one was willing to give that remodel option any steam.  

We needed to rebuild.  Could anything be saved?  Not really. The supercharged energy was too much for the existing structure to contain.  The products demanded a better home and, more importantly, Phia’s tribe deserved a more efficient and enlightening experience.  

Builder Bliss

After a couple false starts, we were introduced to ThisThat Agency, a local partner in Denver with the right combination of skills, attitude and value.  From the wire frames at the start to the page buildout and trouble-shooting the anomalies at the end, the process was productive and moved at a pace driven by the content. We controlled the content and, as a result, pushed out the timeline more than a couple times.   

Similar to how Phia products are hand-crafted in-house, the Phia team took ownership of populating product pages which increased from 12 to 70+. We also invested time and energy into the message, selection of the Energy Wave videos, and the photography.  ThisThat performed the plumbing and wiring with ease and also served as a credible sounding board for all of our ideas on how to present the story in website form.  

Tour Starts Here

  1. A terminal for ecommerce and information — We built the site on a hybrid structure that combines ecommerce principles with attributes that enable you to step through the full Phia story at your convenience. It is a terminal that we would like to explore – easy access to where you need to go with interesting places to engage and explore.


  2. Motion and energy – While words and photos can trigger energy, we wanted the site to deliver a more moving experience.  Each video was selected to represent 1 of the 6 Energy Waves. The compilation on the home page is one way to view the Phia Energy Spectrum – from deep ground in the slot canyon to an adventure across a roller-coaster mountain bike trail to the panoramic view with focus on forest and light to the surfer riding a wave with joy and balance to a gentle hand roaming like imagination through a field of lavender to the aerial view of red charismatic flowers on a sunny hilltop.  Phia is quantum nutrition for your energy body. We know each of your journeys will be different.


  3. Energy Fit – The Energy Profile has been expanded to include more answer options and has been repositioned throughout the site to place greater emphasis on the importance of fit.  Phia products are most effective when the Energy Wave fits your signature frequency. Like the fingerprint, we believe that everyone has a signature vibration or frequency which is why product fit is important.   


  4. Product – Each combination of product and Energy Wave is now presented on its own page.  This delivers a better shopping experience, but, more importantly, emphasizes the unique ingredients of each product/wave combination.  Within each Wave, scents are not identical but are designed to represent the varied richness of that Wave.


  5. Research – Phia believes more than ever that its research on the energy vibration of essential oils has resulted in a supercharged product like no other.  Combine this with your signature frequency, and the impact is amplified further. Michelle describes these findings in her new book and we have included the highlights in the new site. 


  6. Regimen – In addition to fitting the energy wave to your signature frequency, Phia introduces the concept of product regimens created to help experience the full range of product attributes, from physical to energetic. 


  7. Starter sets – Discounted starter sets are now available to help you enjoy a more complete Phia experience.  


  8. Ambassador – Interested in being part of the journey and sharing your Phia experience with others?  Do you share your experiences with others? Do you have ideas for Phia? Are you interested in receiving product samples pre-launch to test and provide feedback?  Check out our ambassador program and help us help you … be a force!


  9. Give back – Looking for how we give back to the world? Learn about Phia’s ongoing support of the Ranger Program at the Bio-Itzá Association in Guatemala. Bio-Itzá consists of a biosphere reserve, eco-cultural Spanish school and conservation programs for Maya Itzá culture and forest ecology.


  10. Shop – Enjoy better access to product options,  the opportunity to establish a Phia account, a “pick-up” delivery option for customers near Denver, Stripe payment processing, and more. 

Thank You

Phia is in business to impact lives in big ways. This doesn’t happen with big ideas alone. It requires people like you who see nature the way we do – a source of energy and wonder with much more to discover than what has been learned. It is assisted by your supportive emails, your product feedback and your questions.  It is driven by a brighter and better you and the ripple effects of that positive force. We are energized to have you aboard. Stick with us. There is much more to come.