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A: Products within the same Energy Wave do not all smell the same. They synergistically blend well together because the essences used have the same energy footprint. Each product in an Energy Wave has a different compilation of essences from that energy category.

A: We use very pure undiluted essential oils in our products. Every year the crop can vary slightly based on heavy rain, lots of sun, drought or other environmental factors. Therefore the essences can vary a little bit from year to year similarly to how the taste of a particular wine can change from year to year.

A: Yes we changed the name on the Confidence Energy Wave to Charisma. All the formulas are the same, we just changed the name. Sorry for any confusion.

A: We recommend you stick with one of the recommendations from the Energy Profile. The reason for this is the smell and the emotional name mean a lot less than the actual frequency of the essences contained in our products. The most important thing is that the frequency from the biological essences within a specific Energy Wave is a constructive/positive good fit with your signature frequency.

A: Your energy body changes regularly from shifting emotions, things you eat, stress, sleep, etc. However, your signature frequency does not readily change. This signature frequency is what we are trying to determine from the Profile so we can match you to the most beneficial Energy Wave. This should remain constant unless you have been going through a major life change.

A: It actually means neither. What it means is the frequency of essences in the Focus Energy Wave are a constructive match to your signature frequency.