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Think beyond

Like the brush strokes in Monet’s landscapes, the notes in this bouquet unlock the window to your creative mind. Explore this Energy Wave for the hidden possibilities. Fields of lavender in Chateauredon and lilacs from the summer festival… hints of tobacco from grandfather’s pipe and a touch of mystery from Islands of the Moon are just a few of the botanical essences that make this Wave unique. These essences have constructive frequencies in the 260 kJ/mol range. They are precisely blended in Phi proportions to provide quantum nutrition for those with a signature frequency in this part of the vibrational canvas.

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What Our Customers are Saying

We recently were inVail and found Phia products at a spa and brought them home and are almost out. I LOVE the Imagination Hair and Body serum.

~ Larie, San Francisco

I have been using the Imagination body/hair serum everydayand I am loving the serenity and soft skin that it promotes.

~ Julia

Ilove smelling good all over when applying this product,without the perfume effect, not to mention this is the rightscent for ME, my body, and my energy!

~ Lynn Curry with Curry Spa
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