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Pop up on your board and enjoy the surf

A carefree walk through a seaside meadow on a blue-sky day… fresh air, balanced and full of life. This breezy Energy Wave combines bioenergetics from Madagascar, Tahiti and Hawaii. The Wave includes energies from green grass and leaves, the soothing vibration of vanilla and a unique combination of tropical flowers precisely blended in Phi proportions with constructive frequencies in the 240 kJ/mol range. It is quantum nutrition for those with signature frequencies in this space of the Phia Energy Spectrum.

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What Our Customers are Saying

Your illuminating serum isone of my favorite discoveries. Thank you for a beautiful and truly effective product!

~ Jen

This is one of those products you answer a few questions andthey help you select the best fit for you. The mist was amazing!Place in fridge and on hot day spritz away.

~ Darcie DeBartelo with St Regis Monarch Beach

I completed their online survey and it paired me with balanceand adventure… boy are those two things needed.

~ Sandra Grignon with Bardessono

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