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Ride hands-free on the roller coaster of life

This Energy Wave tantalizes your youthful spirit with a polite request to escape and play. Preserve the curious desire to discover and explore with this adventurous combination of constructive energies sourced from tropical mangoes, coconuts, and sweet orange, as well as lush flowers like magnolia and neroli. With energy frequencies in the 200 kJ/mol range of the Phia Energy Spectrum, this Wave invigorates your energy with these exquisite creations from nature’s fountain of youth. For those of you with a matching signature frequency, this Wave serves up quantum nutrition for your active life.

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What Our Customers are Saying

These products are unbelievably fantastic. I’ve incorporated it with my morning meditation, setting an intention for the day.  It smells amazing and one drop will last all day.

~ Lisa

What an interesting concept – personalized product recommendations based upon an individual Energy Profile.  The scents remind me of the happiness I feel when I’m with my family in Hawaii.

~ Christi Cano with Innovative Spa Productions

Loved the texture and scent of the argon oil serum. Put it onmy face as well as hair, felt very nice and hydrating.

~ Angela Cortright with Spa Gregorie's

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