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Searching for Answers

Biological essences or highly concentrated aromatic plant essences that are used in aromatherapy are known to have varying medicinal properties. It has been claimed that these essences facilitate physiological properties such as relieving pain, combating bacteria, fighting viral infections, relieving indigestion and improving circulation. Such essences have also been connected to emotional properties such as easing nervous tension, grounding, increasing concentration, calming and balancing, enhancing creativity and boosting confidence. Through scientific research in the lab, Phia has worked to fill in the gaps in understanding how biological essences from the botanical world impact our health and wellness.


  1. Biological essences have a unique, distinguishable and quantifiable electromagnetic energy.
  2. Essences fall into one of six different categories or Energy Waves based on their energy fingerprint.
  3. The distinct energy of the essences seems to be tied to the emotional properties.
  4. A code of major and minor chemical constituents can represent each of the six Energy Waves.
  5. These Energy Waves can be matched using a “best fit” model to one’s signature frequency.
  6. There is a positive effect on the wellness of a person interacting with an Energy Wave that is a constructive match to their signature frequency.

Traditional practices

Traditional aromatherapy recommends lavender for better sleep. A blend of lavender and magnolia may be used to appeal to individual scent preferences. According to Phia research, this combination is counterproductive because lavender and magnolia have destructive frequencies. These essences interact in a destructive pattern that dissipates the effect of each essence on its own. Furthermore, lavender may be effective for some of us if it matches our signature frequency in a constructive way. Without this match, lavender could be destructive to our energy body.

supercharged by phia

At Phia Lab, we combine essences based on their energy fingerprint, thereby supercharging the energy contained in our products and the effect they can have you. This effect increases exponentially when the frequency contained in the bottle is in a constructive pattern to the frequency of the user. To simplify the concept of combining essences, consider how music is created on the piano. Certain keys can be played together to create harmony. Add a key with a different vibration and you will hear dissonance. In essence, we are harmonizing biological essences by measuring and categorizing their vibrations. Phia formulas apply phi proportions or sacred geometry to synchronize the energy further.

Michelle's book: BE a Force

about the book

Picture yourself in the start gate at the top of a World Cup mogul course. You have less than 30 seconds to perform perfectly at a speed of 20-25 mph on terrain that no 4×4 could handle. “Skier ready…,” booms the announcer over the loud speaker and draws the crowd’s attention to the start gate. “Three, two, one…” Are you ready?

Elite athletes strive to operate in a state of complete coherence between mind, body and energy. There is no room for error. To compete professionally year after year in terrain literally known as the “bumps,” Michelle Roark developed a unique form of nutrition and a set of tactics to acquire an edge.

Michelle uses her fascinating story to connect the dots between the natural laws of physics and performance based on her personal experiences on the slopes and in the lab. Most notably, she quantifies the profound bioenergetics of nature and harnesses them to create quantum nutrition to help everyone elevate their performance and improve well-being… in other words be a force!

“You decide if you want to run at full speed, be passionate and live fully. The choice is yours to make, and nature is there to support you with whatever path you choose.”

Be A Force

Hacking Physics, Persevering Like an Olympian, and Realizing the Alchemist in You