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See the tree through the forest

Spicy and seductive with distinctive layers to explore and absorb, this mysterious blend contains bioenergetics from the Malabar Coast of India and Morocco. Amber, honeysuckle and tuberose, one of the world’s most luxurious and expensive botanical essences, play lead roles in this provocative Energy Wave. Precisely blended in Phi proportions with constructive frequencies in the 220 kJ/mol range. This Wave presents a mental edge in the form of quantum nutrition for those of us who have signature frequencies in this corner of the vibrational jungle.

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What Our Customers are Saying

Bought your Focus Hair & Body Serum at a hotel outside of Boulder CO and desperate to get more!

~ Caryn, New York

My hairdresser tells me I must NOT run out of the Serum. It makes THAT much of a difference with tangles and breakage. Love your products!

~ April

My skin felt softer and had a magnificent glow. My hair wasnot weighted down and had a fabulous shine. The mist wasvery invigorating to use throughout the day.

~ Penny Kriel with Salamander
Resort & Spa

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