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Phia is an energy-inspired company with an all-natural wellness product line created by a world class athlete and engineer.  We bridge three thought silos—human performance, laws of science and the vibrations of the natural world. For the past decade, we have journeyed deep into nature with accepted tools of scientific research to assess the energy content of biological essences creating quantum nutrition for the 21st century.


At Phia, we believe in the natural laboratories that exist in the wild across Earth’s diverse ecosystems. For years well beyond comprehension, nature has been experimenting, creating and advancing sources of energy and wellness. We have an opportunity to benefit and learn from these creations but the work to understand the value is far from complete. In our search for quality, we emphasize energy, cultivation method, and sustainable small-scale farming techniques.

Phia relies on ecosystems from around the globe:

Hawaii • Hungary • Madagascar • Spain • Peru • Sumatra • Jamaica • Cyprus • Italy • Washington • Bulgaria • Reunion Island • Malaysia • Himalayas • Malabar Coast • India • Paraguay • France • Morocco • Turkey • Moon Islands • Oregon • Brazil • Somalia • Vietnam • Italy • Panama • Australia • Ireland • India • Egypt • Sri Lanka • England • Iran • Tunisia • Canada • Brazil • Indonesia • Haiti • Austria • Ethiopia • Guatemala • Vanetua • El Salvador • Siberia

We are proud to state that Phia products are created with your well-being in mind, deliberately void of synthetic substances that deflate or destroy the vibrant energy of natural essences.


Phi (Φ)

We believe that vibrant, natural ingredients deserve to be blended in perfect proportions. In art and science, Phi is the divine proportion. This mysterious form of numeric perfection shapes our world and fulfills our senses. From Egypt’s inspiring pyramids to Da Vinci’s majestic masterpieces to the soothing sound of the violin, Phi empowers creation.

Phi (Φ), the world’s most perfect number (1.618), is evident in beauty, nature, art, music, architecture, and even the human anatomy. Phia products apply the time tested pattern of Phi to achieve the divine.

Be A Force

Hacking Physics, Persevering Like an Olympian, and Realizing the Alchemist in You