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Be A Force | Book by Michelle Roark


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Be A Force:

Hacking Physics, Persevering Like an Olympian, and Realizing the Alchemist in You


Picture yourself in the start gate at the top of a World Cup mogul course. You have less than 30 seconds to perform perfectly at a speed of 20-25 mph on terrain that no 4×4 could handle. “Skier ready …,” booms the announcer over the loud speaker and draws the crowd’s attention to the start gate. “Three, two, one …” Are you ready? Read more…


Read, do, repeat.

Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 5 × 6.25 × .75 in

Paperback book, full-color

1 review for Be A Force | Book by Michelle Roark

  1. Katie Smith

    Be A Force captures the essence of who Michelle is and how she lives her life. It’s an inspiration to me to go after my dreams and visions of the world I want to live in. This book embodies the meaning of manifesting your dreams and living your Truth. Experience Michelle’s journey through skiing, chemical engineering, and perfumery to reach a conclusion drawn from science and soul.

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