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Be A Force | Book by Michelle Roark


(11 customer reviews)

Be A Force:

Persevere Like An Olympian, Harness The Botanical World, Illuminate The Alchemist In You


Picture yourself in the start gate at the top of a World Cup mogul course. You have less than 30 seconds to perform perfectly at a speed of 20-25 mph on terrain that no 4×4 could handle. “Skier ready …,” booms the announcer over the loud speaker and draws the crowd’s attention to the start gate. “Three, two, one …” Are you ready? Read more…


Read, do, repeat.

Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 5 × 6.25 × .75 in

Paperback book, full-color

11 reviews for Be A Force | Book by Michelle Roark

  1. Katie Smith

    Be A Force captures the essence of who Michelle is and how she lives her life. It’s an inspiration to me to go after my dreams and visions of the world I want to live in. This book embodies the meaning of manifesting your dreams and living your Truth. Experience Michelle’s journey through skiing, chemical engineering, and perfumery to reach a conclusion drawn from science and soul.
    – Katie Smith

  2. Gigi Hahl

    This book is so enlightening. It shares how to get in the flow & match the frequency that can create & manifest your best life & desires. Her products are amazing & have helped me to untangle negative emotions or energy & get me on a frequency that helps me align my mind, physical body and energy body. Michelle Roark has also helped me understand how nature has supported me throughout my journey as a Massage Therapist & Esthetician and sharing the gift of well being with others.
    – Gigi Hahl

  3. Connie DiPronio

    Initially, it was Michelle’s intelligence and unique creation at Phia Lab drew my attention and curiosity. I was so thrilled to meet Michelle and learned she was completing her book in October 2018. I couldn’t wait to read it and kept checking with her for almost a year (sorry, Michelle)… It was a “better-than-gift” surprise I received her book right before my Asian trip in January 2020. I started reading it at the airports and on the planes. It’s so embarrassing occasionally I had to wipe my tears in public places while reading her book. It was priceless for me to discover scent of competition. I read Chapter 4 twice.
    Michelle, you are a true example for being unstoppable!
    – Connie DiPronio

  4. Anne Argent

    I just finished reading this book and loved it. It was informative, engaging, easy to understand and exciting my “liberated thoughts”! It was perfect timing for me. Thank you so much for all the work you have put into making our universe more conscious.
    – Anne Argent

  5. Megan Luther

    Michelle is an amazing individual! Her story is so unique and her ability to overcome obstacles and utilize science, energy and nature to help explore and explain why and how things happen is fascinating. It’s all connected – we are all connected – and Michelle’s insight and contribution to this field are extremely worthwhile.
    – Megan Luther

  6. Katrina Nguyen

    Inspiring book. The juxtaposition of the lows and highs that have gone into the creation of these products was fascinating. Very touching and very passionate. I hope you are enjoying your success, Michelle. Your bravery to not settle for less or be drowned out in the negativity is benefiting us all. Namaste ♡
    – Katrina Nguyen

  7. Maureen Cole (verified owner)

    Olympic guidance to be a Force!
    Author Michelle Roark, Olympic mogul skier and chemical engineer, presents her unique research in the use of biogenetics and quantum nutrition for a healthier body, mind, and spirit. In this well-paced and easy to read book filled with enlightening photos and graphics, the reader follows Roark through her incredible journey to create sustained athletic excellence and peak performance on the slopes and off. Combining wisdom from nature and methodologies from her hard science background, her research journey, guided by Einstein’s advice to take a ‘deep dive’, starts with the use of scent to improve performance and leads to the matching of naturally existing frequencies for unsurpassed energy and wellness. For anyone looking to heal and optimize their health while learning about a fascinating person’s unique journey, this is the book for you! – Maureen Cole

  8. Jean Hormell (verified owner)

    “A beautiful little book…full of inspiration, reflected in Roark’s tenacious perseverance in sport, education, and science.
    A story of determination, setbacks, and success, as well as a scientific curiosity into scent, new science and new physics. It will make you think!” – Jean Hormell

  9. Luis Ferrer (verified owner)

    I have read your book “Be A Force” many many times by now. And I keep going back to sections of it over and over. Seems I can’t get away from it.

    Excellent merge of ancient wisdom of my abuelos with science.

    I’ve been a massage therapist for over 30 years now, previously a chemical engineer and relate in total coherence, body, mind and energy to Michelle’s philosophy.

    I highly recommended this book and give it a five stars for it’s excellence in content, research value and personal story.

    You’ve got to read it!

    – Luis Ferrer

  10. Hallee Ray (verified owner)

    The woman in the arena, Michelle Roark
    Reviewed in the United States on August 26, 2020

    This book shows Michelle’s courageous and perseverance attitude towards everything; not just her glorious experience but also difficult one. The book gave me detail explanation about how quantum nutrition works and its benefits. After reading this book, I truly believe that everyone, like EVERYONE needs quantum nutrition! Thank you so much for sharing your experience, Michelle!
    – Hallee Ray

  11. Leslie James (verified owner)

    Searching for your path? Start with this amazing book!
    Reviewed in the United States on May 27, 2020

    This book allows you to see the path of your own self-development through the adventures of the author Michelle Roark. And that’s not even the best part! You can literally feel the energetic motivation as you turn each page!
    – Leslie James

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