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Float like a butterfly sting like a bee

Derived from the original Phia composition, this Wave fits the pursuit. For Phia’s founder, it was competing in the Olympics. For you, it may be rising to the challenge of a different beat. From the busiest city streets to the highest mountain peaks, you will have the right energy to make it happen.

Charisma combines the bioenergetics of rose from Bulgaria’s Valley of the Roses, Italian bergamot and an energizing grapefruit twist among others to deliver constructive energy frequencies in the 280 kJ/mole range. This Wave puts you on course for living with passion and purpose. It is quantum nutrition for those whose signature frequency resides on this field of play.

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What Our Customers are Saying

Your shampoo and conditioner have completely changed my hair. Love your products!!

~ Cori

I felt happy when using the products. Something about it exudes happiness. Interesting, since I don’t normally think of spa products in that way. What’s going on over there at Phia Lab – happiness experiments?

~ Christi Cano with Innovative Spa Productions

Take a moment to understand Phia; ……It is fascinating and itsfoundation at the intersection of nature and science isprofound and truly effective.

~ Tracy Lee with Auberge Resorts

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