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Engage in the precious presenT

This Energy Wave connects our feet to the soils and sands of Earth and converts thought into movement. Derived from bioenergetics stretching across continents, from Ireland, the Netherlands, and Italy in Europe to India and Africa, it bridges the gap and blossoms as a common language. Lush spices from rolling hills and enduring woods of the desert dunes are complemented by robust constructive energies of Siberian cedar and Rocky Mountain juniper. This Wave is blended with biological essences utilizing precise Phi proportions in the 180 kJ/mol range providing quantum nutrition for those of us with a similar signature frequency. It is peace. It is precious. It is present.

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What Our Customers are Saying

I use your oils every morning and night. They relax me. I am a Balance and Confidence profile but I just love adding Grounding. My son loves confidence – soooo cute!

~ Lynne

An energy experience the best possible way! The mist is amust have for a daily refresher and the serum will make yourhair more shiny… and the scent justkeeps you smiling!

~ Franziska Haala with Carmel Valley Ranch

A special treat for your spirit.

~ Sharon Holtz with The Spa at Terranea

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