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Riffing Between the Lines: Zone = Complete Coherence

Be a Force: Hacking Physics, Persevering Like an Olympian, and Realizing the Alchemist in You

Chapter 8 – The Zone

…From a scientific perspective, the state of being in the zone defies the Second Law of Thermodynamics. The Second Law states that the entropy (disorder) of an isolated system will always increase over time. In other words, the zone equates to a decrease in entropy (i.e., a more orderly system). 

Double-click #1:  Zoom in to life today and disorder has reached new highs.  Threats to personal and family health, financial stress and future uncertainty are evidence of increased entropy. 

I agree with Nassim Haramein, a physicist who specializes in unified physics theory and who founded the Resonance Science Foundation, who said, “If more scientists spent more time doing sports outdoors it would help them understand the natural world around them.” From my experience, if the system for a single person is defined as the mind, the physical body and the energy body, I would argue that entropy decreases when one is in the zone. This entropy decrease is the state elite athletes are trying to attain. 

Double-click #2:  Reducing entropy and finding order will require more effort today.  Elite athletes who find themselves in new training environments as well as teachers experimenting with new virtual tools will face more work to reach the zone.  

On competition day we would all try to summon the zone through our senses. Since our sense of hearing has a direct link to our nervous system (Dr. Andrew Weil), we all played a certain type of music on comp days to help calm nerves and evoke the zone state. We would utilize our sense of sight by visualizing ourselves skiing perfectly. We would wear a certain pair of “lucky socks” for a certain type of feel. We would also have a specific drink or food on competition day. But most were overlooking the sense of smell, the sense that is directly related to the part of the brain we were trying to tap into, that emotion and memory of skiing perfectly. 

Double-click #3:  The emotion and memory of experiencing perfection from the hill to the classroom to the stage will feel more distant and potentially out of reach. Go-to techniques may not get you where you want to be.  Our sense of smell can cut through the noise.

Our sense of smell is our one sense directly tied to our emotions and therefore our energy body. The most effective and quickest way to achieve coherence between the energy body and the physical body is through your sense of smell. But what smell or frequency will evoke greater coherence between the two bodies? 

Double-click #4:  Think freshly cut grass, homemade bread, the surf, mountain pine and on… What memory comes to mind?  Put memory aside and now imagine what it would be like to connect with a scent that was your match.  

In our research, we found this task to be a bit like finding the right radio station that plays all your favorite music all day long, only better. This is better because we believe certain botanical essences are made by nature to provide greater coherence in the energy body, the physical body and mind. 

If we want to determine which frequency from botanicals will assist us in becoming more coherent between our bodies and mind, we must once again look to Einstein’s natural law of E=mc2. This law tells us everything is energy and that physical matter is just energy slowed down enough for our senses to perceive it. If this is true, it is important to look at everything from the perspective of energy, frequency, and waves.  

Double-click #5:  Coherence is more important today than ever. Coherent voices and actions will lead our families, businesses and governments to a better place.  Think of smell as a vibration that delivers harmony or dissonance to your energy body, a vital ingredient on the path to coherence.  

When looking at everything from this perspective it is useful to consider constructive and destructive frequencies like those discussed earlier. If we can constructively match our own signature frequency to the frequency in specific biological essence compilations, we can determine what smell or frequency will increase coherence between our physical body, energy body and mind and thus decrease entropy, helping to evoke the zone. 

Double-click #6:  This is the foundation, the essence, the provocative idea and the science behind Be a Force.  Coherence leads to the zone. The zone leads to a more rewarding life.  Phia Lab can help you find your path from chaos to coherence.

Taking it a step further, the zone is a state of decreased entropy and increased Gibbs free energy… 

Gibbs free energy dictates all things in the macrocosms and microcosms. If you want to change the world you have to change the free energy all around you. One person can do this by bringing their body into greater coherence or, as we athletes like to call it, by evoking the “zone.” When in the zone, you are not in the fight or flight or reactive state of the subconscious mind. Nor are you in the meditative state of the creative conscious mind. Rather, you are in the sweet spot right in-between. From this place, incredible things are possible.

Double-click #7:  If changing the world is not your style, what about changing a relationship, your approach to home-schooling or home-play, your engagement at work,  your pursuit of a dream, or your ability to be in the present moment?  Find your place where it flows, where you can Be a Force, and let us know about the incredible outcomes you achieve. 

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  1. Struggling to find the ZONE in these unsettling times. I find that using GROUNDING, my personal favorite energy / scent, helps me physically and emotionally. I think that being isolated is causing entropy, feeling disconnected and a sense of loss. Nurturing my body with these essences is something I can do to increase my well-being and physical health. Thank you for your products and for sharing your thoughts and wisdom. ~Shirley

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