Randy Romero


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I am Randy Romero LMT. Father of 3. When not providing world class massage experiences I like to spend my time in nature. The Mile High city has always been my home. 

I started my journey into massage therapy at a very young age.  After being told time after time that I had a gift, I decided to do something with it. I started school in the summer of 93’, and graduated a year and a half later. Throughout the last twenty years massage therapy has been a constant passion of mine. 

My hands generate a natural warmth that aids in the application of deep tissue, full body, therapeutic massage. I have an intensely intuitive touch that gives me the ability to seek out trigger points, knots and stressed muscles with pinpoint accuracy. The almost 20 years of experience I posses grace me with the first hand knowledge of how to go about alleviating these issues. Helping people achieve a better quality of life through massage has been the most rewarding part of this journey.