Christine Cronin Strom

Psychic Medium

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Christie is a Psychic Medium and Founder of Scorpio Moon Healing.

Christie is a natural born medium. Her grandmothers have been guiding her on this journey, along with other spirit guides, ancestors, angels, and above all God.

Christie was raised as a Christian and her strong faith in Christ kept her grounded. Christie says “You can be a Christian and still get a Tarot Card Reading and see a Psychic. It’s all about intentions.”

In more recent years she has become an Omniest. “I feel as long as you have faith in something greater than yourself- could be God, Buddha, Shiva, Isis, Gaia, the goddesses, the divine, angels, the universe, earth, anything. Anything at all – with my guidance you will have the ability to find your path and heal. I will help you find that light and show you the way.” 

Christie reads energy and emotions and uses her senses to communicate with spirit. Music is a huge part of her readings. Sometimes she uses tarot cards and oracle cards for messages.

She is able to receive messages from your loved ones. She uses her psychic abilities to see things.  She is empowering and loves being part of the journey!


  • Readings: Christie offers 30-minute and one-hour private readings as well as group readings.
  • Healing Energy Work: Christie’s healing services incorporate Reiki, Light Work, Chakra and Aura Balancing, Spiritual Cleanse, and Home Clearings.
  • Spiritual Guidance and Mentorship are also offered by Christie.
“I am here to teach you to love yourself and to love others. Let me help you heal and connect you to your loved ones. Let’s find your gifts! Life is light, light is love, love is divine. Be divine” – Christie 
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