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The Products Behind Denver’s Number 1 Spa

At Phia Lab we believe there’s an energy charging through nature that’s everywhere. Whether you’re looking out over your favorite surf break or you’re waist-deep in fresh powder, you can feel it around you with strength and purpose. It’s life in its purest form, moving to its own beat, its own cadence, its own flow. And when we capture even a portion of it, big things happen.

At Phia Lab, we do just that every day in our small-batch blends. By hand mixing only the purest, most vibrant ingredients with the natural laws of physics and mathematics, we develop new compositions and new ways to channel nature’s energy. Ultimately, Phia uses these dynamic creations in hair and body products that inspire and empower us all.


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To live fully and with passion demands energy but the rewards are endless. At Phia, we develop new ways to capture nature’s energy for this exact purpose. Natural energies impact the way we feel, the way we think and how we live. We harness energies created by sun, soil and water found in fields, forests and oceans from the far corners of the world and combine them using the natural laws of physics and mathematics. Ultimately, we create hair and body products that help us all live fully with passion – to be a force!


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At Phia, we believe that the complex molecular structures of nature’s purest ingredients contain beneficial attributes and energies that synthetics will never possess. In our laboratories, we strive to create powerful products by combining the best nature has to offer in perfect mathematical formulations while engineering the physics of nature to create unique bioenergetic bouquets.

Real Ingredients

  • 5

    moisturizing butters
    from the

  • 8

    Nourishing nut
    oils from

  • 7

    Antioxidant rich
    tropical fruits

  • 13

    Herbs with

  • 600

    Flower petals
    in each bottle

  • 50+

    Countries sourced
    for rare

For the past decade, Phia’s founder has researched the energy of essential oils. Based on this work, it was discovered that this energy is visible, vibrant and long-lasting. In contrast, synthetic ingredients commonly used in commercial products were found to be faint or lifeless. Natural energies impact the way we feel, the way we think and how we live.

At Phia, we harness energies created by sun, soil and water, found in fields, forests and oceans from the far corners of the world. Products are created with your well-being in mind, deliberately void of synthetic substances that deflate or destroy the vibrant energy of natural essences.

… Hawaii … Hungary … Madagascar … Spain … Peru … Sumatra … Jamaica … Cyprus … Italy … Washington … Bulgaria … Reunion Island … Malaysia … Himalayas … Malabar Coast … India … Paraguay … France … Morocco … Turkey … Moon Islands … Oregon … Brazil … Somalia … Vietnam … Italy … Panama … Australia … Ireland … India … Egypt … Sri Lanka … England … Iran … Tunisia … Canada … Brazil … Indonesia … Haiti … Austria … Ethiopia … Guatemala … Vanetua … El Salvador … Siberia …

Phi Proportion

At Phia, we believe that these vibrant ingredients deserve perfect proportions. In art and science, Phi is the divine proportion. This mysterious form of numeric perfection shapes our world and fulfills our senses. From Egypt’s inspiring pyramids to Da Vinci’s majestic masterpieces to the soothing sound of the violin, Phi empowers creation.

Phi (Φ), the world’s most perfect number (1.618), is evident in beauty, nature, art, music, architecture, and even the human anatomy. Phia products apply the time tested pattern of Phi to achieve the divine.

Phia Energy Spectrum

Phia Energy Spectrum

At Phia Lab we want you to be a force. We believe our products can make that happen but we recognize that one force does not fit all. To meet your needs and interests, we developed a proprietary Energy Spectrum to classify essential oils of plants, flowers and herbs according to their energy content.

Spectrum 2018_Web800

Based on the study of hundreds of oils, the Spectrum contains six energy categories: Grounding, Adventure, Focus, Balance, Imagination and Charisma. We carefully blend within an energy category using the mathematical formulations of Phi to create unique bouquets with strength and purpose.

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Engage in the precious present.

Grounding is for all. This unisex bouquet grounds your mind in the moment. It connects us to Earth and converts thought into movement. Derived from essential oils stretching across five continents, this natural bouquet from Ireland, the Netherlands, Italy and India breaks barriers and blossoms as a common language. Green ivy from rolling hills and enduring woods of the desert sands are complemented by robust notes of verbena and violet. It is peace. It is precious. It is present.


Ride hands-free on the roller coaster of life!

With an irresistible spark of adventure, this bouquet tantalizes your youthful spirit with a polite request to escape and play. Promise to protect the desire to always discover and explore with this adventurous mango, coconut, magnolia composition with a few secret twists, for added surprise.

With energies in the middle to lower range of the Phia Energy Spectrum, Adventure invigorates your energy with these exquisite creations from nature’s fountain of youth.


See the tree through the forest.

With extra spice and many distinctive layers, this bouquet summons the power of concentration, giving you the edge! This mysterious blend contains elements from the Malabar Coast of India and Morocco. Amber and tuberose, one of the world’s most expensive essential oils with prices exceeding those of gold on occasion, play lead roles in this provocative bouquet.


Pop up on your board and enjoy the surf!

A carefree walk through a seaside meadow on a blue sky day … fresh, balanced and full of life. This airy bouquet combines plants, flowers and herbs from Madagascar, Tahiti and Hawaii. The blend includes energies from green grass and lush woods, the soothing vibration of vanilla and a unique combination of tropical flowers designed to even out emotions.

With energies concentrated in the center of the Phia Energy Spectrum, this bouquet helps you find balance in today’s hectic world.


Think beyond.

Deep in the painter’s palette lays the seed of imagination. Like the brush strokes in Monet’s landscapes, the notes in this bouquet unlock the window to your creative mind. Explore this scent for the hidden possibilities. Fields of lavender in Chateauredon and lilacs at the summer festival … hints of tobacco from grandfather’s pipe and a touch of mystery from the moon islands uniquely blended to unlock your imagination.


Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee!

Phia’s original bouquet came about with a goal in sight. For Phia’s Founder, it was competing in the Olympics. For you, it may be rising to the challenge of a different tune. This firecracker blend will deliver charisma in any situation. From the busiest city streets to the highest mountain peaks, you will have the energy to make it happen.

Charisma combines natural rose oil from Bulgaria’s Valley of the Roses with Italian Bergamot and an energizing grapefruit twist. With energy frequencies at the upper end of the Phia Energy Spectrum, this bouquet puts you on course for living with passion and purpose.


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Dear Salon/Spa/Studio Owners,

We want to take a moment to introduce you to Phia.

If you have reached this page, then you’re like other visionary leaders who are looking for the very best…something original and special for your space.

As an industry innovator, it has been your role to create direction for your culture, team and beloved guests. That’s what a leader does: inspires and forges possibilities to determine the course of a business’ culture, and to innovate continually and bring new perspectives for a great impact.

We know your time is valuable, but if you would take a moment to watch the following video you will see why Phia is unique, innovative and perfect for your culture.

Thank you for your interest in Phia. We believe that the Phia line can complement any shelf because of its unique market positioning, its ability to jump off the shelf and its overall value proposition.

The brand represents a new direction in hair and body care that has worked like magic in the best salon/spas in the country…places just like yours. We want to be part of your future.

Please contact us at 303.292.3733 for more information… or have us contact you.

Be a force!
Michelle Roark
Founder, Phia Lab

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