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Phia Lab Recommends: Stowe Mountain Lodge

Easily one of the most beautiful states in the Union, Vermont reminds us of our native Colorado. Amazing skiing, strong local craft and farm to table food culture, excellent beer, hiking and trails, and a citizenry firmly entrenched in their local culture and surroundings. Vermonters are conscientious and the resorts, ski mountains and towns are no different. Stowe Mountain Lodge–a Destination Hotel–is a supreme example of this thoroughly modern Vermont experience and Phia is grateful for the opportunity not only to showcase our products at their world-renowned spa, but to profiling the resort all week long. We are starting with this interview which we conducted via email but be sure to follow us on TwitterFacebook and Instagram to see other aspects of the resort come to life.

Vermont is one of the oldest States and yet Stowe Mountain Lodge is a relatively new hotel. When did you open and what was the central attraction to Stowe Mountain?

The resort and town of Stowe are deeply rooted in the New England ski culture. I think when people visit, they truly understand how quintessentially New England the area is, as well as being traditional luxury and historically nostalgic.

Phia is an energy company as you know, so can you tell us a little bit about the landscape and environment in this part of Vermont? What’s the vibe?!

The vibe is pure bliss, rejuvenation and natural. The mountains here are very powerful, since we are located at the base of the tallest peak in Vermont.

stowemountOn your website, you refer to the design of the resort as “Vermont-Alpine.” Can you tell us a little bit about that term and what it denotes?

It feels a like a turn-of-the-century mountain lodge with natural décor, but set in the highest luxury: floor-to-ceiling windows, modern design, sleek furniture and accents.

What characteristics define the modern Vermonter? How is Vermont changing in ways that people might not expect?

Refined, humbled, relaxed, yet class and elegant.

What kind of people are traveling to Stowe Mountain Lodge? What sort of guests can visitors or guests expect to encounter there? 

Stowe Mountain Lodge is perfect for everyone: families who want to escape with the kids and dog (they are allowed at the hotel) couples who want an adventure and to be pampered and guys or girls on a trip with friends. It’s all about having fun, relaxing, rejuvenating  in a beautiful mountain setting with the finest luxury amenities.

And the staff? Are there any particular qualities that the staff strives to maintain?

We hear from most of our guests that one of the best parts of their vacations are our staff. They are attentive, hardworking and efficient, yet warm and welcoming. It is definitely the Vermont way! We strive to hire Team Members that can create an authentically Vermont experience by speaking to their passions.

We’re all about spas at Phia Lab, so can you tell us a bit about what your spa is like? 

The Spa and Wellness Center at Stowe Mountain Lodge is dedicated to cultivating a relationship between nature and health. That means you get more than your traditional massage during your Stowe spa resort escape. Our hotel’s spa utilizes its serene Vermont setting to create an experience to relax and rejuvenate both mind and body. The luxury 21,000‐square‐foot New England spa facilities offer you a full‐service fitness center, outdoor swimming pool, Jacuzzi® hot tubs, a relaxing spa sanctuary lounge, a hot/cold treatment facility in the Healing Lodge and 18 private treatment rooms. Relaxation comes naturally here.


What sort of unique treatments does Stowe Mountain Lodge offer that guests wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else? Maple syrup scrub? Pine Needle Wrap?

We offer a large array of treatments.  Some of our favorite treatments are our Balance / Ku Nye Massage 80 minutes | $225

The aim of the Ku Nye is to honor & respect the ancient Tibetan traditions of healing. This treatment begins with Ku Nye massage techniques which work on awakening the meridians, lymphatic drainage and acupressure using essential oils and hot Himalayan salt poultices and hot stones. Ku Nye will restore energy and balance while strengthening the body’s natural flow of energy.

And new for Summer: Stowe Cider Scrub | $320

This 110 minute pampering treatment pars local award winning Stowe Cider with our relaxing spa experience.  Begin with a full 50 minute scrub incorporating local Stowe Cider and exfoliating ingredients to smooth dry and dead skin.  Then your therapist with hydrate your skin and relax your muscles with a 50 minute full body massage.  After your service our Spa Concierge with bring you a glass of cold Stowe Cider to enjoy in our Sanctuary.

You have been carrying the Phia product line for a few years now, what is your best selling Phia product and why?

Our bestselling product hands down are the serums.  Great for hair or body.  Our Salon team and our Spa team love and sell them.

We are conducting a study, we are trying to determine if certain Phia energy bouquets resonate differently in various regions of the country. What would you say is your top selling energy bouquet?

Our top selling scent is Confidence with Balance and Adventure not far behind.

Memory in a Bottle


In our Phia Lab newsletter, Michelle talked about how memory and scent are interwoven and what it takes to capture a memory forever. We also announced our new mixing lab in downtown Denver with details on our future launch party and sat down with stylist Emily Hayes for a short interview on how she integrates Phia Lab products into her personal and professional beauty regimens. You can read the full newsletter by clicking here, and please be sure to subscribe to upcoming announcements.


Interview with Denver Stylist Emily Hayes

emilyPhia Lab sat down with Emily Hayes, Denver-based stylist, mother and husband to talk about her lifestyle, her work and her passion for Phia Lab products in her everyday practice and beauty regimen.

Phia Lab: Emily thank you so much for taking the time to talk with us about Phia. Tell us a little about your work

I have been a hair stylist for over 11 years the last two of which I have spent at Voila Salon in Downtown Denver.  I specialize in blond coloring and men’s haircuts.

How would you describe your life style?

As a mother of a 2 year-old and another on the way with a full time job, my life is busy and occasionally hectic but so worth it. My husband and I both live full lives so work sort of becomes my escape, it’s something I look forward to everyday. The people at Voila are truly inspiring and creative. It refreshes me to work within this community.

You are expecting a new baby in November, you have a two year old and a full time job, how do you balance everything?

Luckily, working at Voila allows me a flexible schedule. I can tailor my hours to a schedule that works for our family. But we have a lot of support as both of our families are here. We get a ton of free and flexible child care through that so we’re really very lucky.

What is your wellness routine? Tell us a little about how you keep your flow.

My favorite way to stay healthy is through yoga. I would do 30minutes in the morning, as soon as I get up, before breakfast and I will try to get at least 20 minutes at night, before bed. I also have a trick for healthy eating. I would always have clean, cut fruits and vegetables for my toddler, so he can grab them from the fridge any time. I have a sweet tooth, so I am trying to keep sugar out. I am trying to eat organic and fresh.

Slideshow for Phia Website 201615

What sort of ingredients do you look for in your hair and body products?

I have a really fair skin so my biggest thing is to have SPF in the product and its really important to me to us all natural organic ingredients as well. Working in high-end salons like Voila and for Aveda, I’ve been spoiled by organic brands such as Phia, so any time I use something with too many chemicals, my skin knows it.

As a successful stylist you obviously have used many different hair care products. Can you tell us a little bit about how you’ve integrated the Phia line of products into your practice?

Coming from Aveda I was trained to create a relaxing atmosphere, so I like to start with scalp and hair massages in our shampoo vault. It sets the right mood for a restorative beauty experience. Phia’s energy serum makes it into the massages. It’s fun to work with and really strengthens the hair from root to tip. Being able to work with different bouquets and letting the client choose the scent they want makes the process interactive.

“Thanks to Phia, I’ve become a total product snob.”

Do you have any beauty tips or secrets you would like to share? What is the most unique way you use Phia?

It is actually not me, it is my husband.  My serum ALWAYS goes missing. He loves using it to tame his beard. The serum is also a great base for mixing with Phia’s other products. I love it for blowing out hair styles because it adds a terrific amount of shine that I can work with. It doesn’t weigh the hair down at all, compared to other products. I can do a much quicker job of blowdrying too, which is huge for my clientele. It is also fun to mix the scents together and see what people like. Some people would want a mixture of serum or lotion. It is nice to give them options.