Energy Mist


Energy Mist

Aloe-Infused Energy Mist – Soothe your skin and refresh your mind with tiny petals of aloe-infused water and essential oils. Certified Moroccan argan, avocado oils and edelweiss flower harmoniously restore your natural glow.

Directions for use: Mist over face and body, pillows and sheets, chill in refrigerator for a refreshing mist on a hot day, use after a waxing treatment or shave to calm and soothe skin, refresh curly hair or set makeup. Combine with other Phia products in your preferred energy bouquet for the optimal energy experience.

    • Never tested on animals
    • No artificial preservatives
    • No MEA, DEA or dyes


    • Paraben and sulfate free
    • Gluten free
    • 100% vegan


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Product Description



Based on proprietary research, Phia Lab has developed an Energy Spectrum that classifies essential oils into five categories that we call energy bouquets. We measure the energy content of essential oils in an innovative way to determine its position in the spectrum. The purpose of the bouquet is to properly align the energy content of our products to deliver greater benefits to you. Phia products are available in three energy bouquets today, except Pure Energy which can be purchased in all bouquets.

Energy Spectrum


Energy Bouquet

Ride hands free over the roller coaster of life!
170-189 kJ/mol

Pop up on your board and enjoy the surf
205-248 kJ/mol

Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee!
280-300 kJ/mol


Purified Water, Aloe Vera Oil Extract, Flower and Herb Essences


Energy is abundant in nature, however, significant diversity is exhibited in terms of its strength and character. With Phia, there are many choices:

    • Reinforce a strong characteristic
    • Counter an area of weakness
    • Diversify use across bouquets to be prepared for anything


Additional Information

Energy Bouquet

Charisma, Imagination, Balance, Focus, Adventure, Grounding