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The Full Experience

For the full experience in bespoke bouquets, visit our flagship laboratory in Denver, Colorado.

Come bask in the elegance or our Parisian style parlor. Sip a complimentary glass of wine at our famous front bar while you fill out our scent profile form. Step into our renowned Essence Vault where we house some of the finest essences in the world. Listen as Phia Founder, Michelle Roark takes you on a magnificent journey of energy and scent. Learn about the history of fragrance, the energy content of essential oils, interesting facts about the sense of smell and what goes into making a bespoke bouquet. Sample from hundreds of essences from around the world.

Based on your profile and interview, Phia will create three sample size variations. We want you to determine which one works best with your mind, body chemistry and emotion. We will describe where each sample fits on Phia’s Energy Spectrum and share with you the key ingredients used in the top, middle and bottom notes of the bouquet.

Upon completion of your assessment, email or call in your favorite fragrance. We put the chosen bouquet into your own unique bottle. At the end of the process, you have an energy bouquet that is truly your own. You also have an inspiring creation that we believe will help you live fully and with passion. Join the Phia movement – be a force!

Cost: $185

Includes: Profile, 3 Samples, 21 mL Customized Concentrated Perfume

Turn Around Time: Samples & Final Blends ship every Friday

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