The Digital Journey


The Digital Journey

If you have the desire to indulge without the time or ability to travel, we have the solution. Set aside some quiet time to embark on an online journey designed to help us determine your scent profile. Based on years of experience, research and a proprietary algorithm in a state of perpetual improvement, we create for you three sample bespoke bouquets that fit your profile. We will describe where each sample fits on Phia’s Energy Spectrum and share with you the key ingredients used in the top, middle and bottom notes. Samples are mailed to you so you can determine which one works best with your mind, body chemistry and emotion.

Upon completion of your assessment, email or call in your favorite bouquet.

We put your choice into your own unique bottle. At the end of the process, you have an energy bouquet that is truly your own. We believe this level of customization will put you in a better position to live fully and with passion. Be a force!
We keep your formula confidential and on file for future refills. We can also use your bouquet to make custom hair and body products.

Cost: $134

Includes: Profile, 3 Samples, 21 mL Customized Concentrated Perfume

Turn Around Time: Samples & Final Blends ship every Friday

Please send us an email or call us at 303.292.3733 to request the online form.

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